Hi, I'm Jason. I am an Assistant Professor of Digital Engagement in Criss Library and an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I write here regularly on my blog, contribute to the BlogWest group blog, and co-host the Overanalyze podcast.

I am a scholar of the 20th century U.S., specializing in environmental, the North American West, and digital and public history. I am currently working on a book manuscript titled Machines in the Valley: Community, Urban Change, and Environmental Politics in Silicon Valley. The book describes the emergence of the Silicon Valley as a political project closely tied to the region's environment, while also charting a story of "environment" becoming a central political issue.

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22 September 2016

Before 2013, I hadn’t spent much time in California, aside from a few trips to Los Angeles. Truth be told, there wasn’t much I liked about Los Angeles. One of my strongest memories—probably of no shock to LA natives—is sitting in traffic trying to drive just five miles that took a half hour to complete. Who would ever want to live around this kind of traffic?1 But California beckoned. I was offered a job.

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This fall quarter I am teaching my digital history course. You can find the draft of the syllabus here. While the title of the course hasn’t changed since the last time I taught it, I’ve made two substantial changes to the overall structure of the course. First, the course focuses more heavily on public history instead of a range of digital methodologies. Part of this is self-serving—I’ve always wanted to teach a public history course, and the opportunity to combine public and digital was a welcome opportunity.

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Greetings! My name is Jason Heppler. I am a digital historian at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a scholar of the twentieth-century United States. I often write here about the history of the North American West, technology, the environment, culture, and coffee. You can follow me on Twitter, or learn more about me.