Jason Heppler

Hi, I’m Jason Heppler, the Academic Technology Specialist in the Department of History at Stanford University and historian of the North American West.


"A Call to Redefine Historical Scholarship in the Digital Turn" — With Alex Galarza and Douglas Seefeldt, Journal of Digital Humanities, December 2012.

"The American Indian Movement and South Dakota Politics" — The Plains Political Tradition, edited by Jon Lauck, John E. Miller, and Donald Simmons. Pierre, SD: South Dakota State Historical Society Press, 2011, pp. 267–287.

The Rubyist Historian — An introduction to Ruby programming for scholars in the humanities.

Framing Red Power: The American Indian Movement, the Trail of Broken Treaties, and the Politics of Media — My Masters thesis available for digital download.

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What is Digital Humanities? — Perpetual answers to the perpetual question.

Dotfiles — my configuration files for ZSH, vim, Sublime Text, iTerm, Git, Ruby, and Tmux.

BibTeX Bibliography — A BibTeX database of citations in environmental, urban, and American history.

FREQr — A word frequency generator for the command line written in Ruby.

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