Jason Heppler, “Framing Red Power: The Trail of Broken Treaties, the American Indian Movement, and the Politics of Media.”

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Framing Red Power.

Framing Red Power serves two goals. The first is provide access to newspaper sources related to the Trail of Broken Treaties and subsequent occupation of the BIA headquarters. Readers can search, browse, and manipulate machine-readable text. Furthermore, this project seeks to utilize textual analysis tools to explore how the media received AIM’s message and how the activists used the media to construct specific images of itself and their goals. These issues give us a lens to understand the connections between media, politics, and imagecraft.

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Greetings! My name is Jason Heppler. I am a Digital Engagement Librarian and Assistant Professor of History at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a scholar of the twentieth-century United States. I often write here about the history of the North American West, technology, the environment, politics, culture, and coffee. You can follow me on Twitter, or learn more about me.