I am a historian of the environment and capitalism in the twentieth century. I use and develop computational and digital tools in the study of history, which ranges across modern North America, climate, environmentalism, cities, infrastructure, and political history.

I am the senior developer-scholar at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media and a member of the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University. I am also a proud member of the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative's Environmental History Action Collaborative. Read more.

Edited with Rebecca Wingo and Paul Schadewald, our volume brings together cutting-edge campus-community partnerships with a focus on digital projects. Through a series of case studies authored by academics and their community partners, we explore models for digital community engagement that leverages new media through reciprocal partnerships. The contributions to the volume stand at the crossroads of digital humanities, public history, and community engagement, drawing ideas, methods, and practices from various disciplines to inform our public partnerships. By highlighting these projects we hope to provide other institutions, cultural heritage organizations, universities, and communities models for successful engagement.

Book cover for Digital Community Engagement

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