The Promise of Digital History

Be sure to check out the September 2008 issue of the Journal of American History that includes an exchange between the leading digital historians of the field – Bill Turkel, Will Thomas, Dan Cohen, Amy Murrell, Patrick Callagher, Michael Frisch, Kristen Sword, and Steve Mintz.  It’s a great introduction to the field and explores the possibilities of the digital age for research, communication, and teaching.  The article is online at the History Cooperative (unfortunately its gated – hopefully the JAH will make the article freely available).

Also, let me apologize for the very light posting and slow start the blog has gotten thus far.  Hopefully Brent and I can pick things up this semester.  We’re both embarking upon our own digital history projects, so I’m sure thoughts about the process, challenges, and rewards of a digital history site will be shared in this space.

Furthermore, several of us will be attending the Western Historical Association Conference in October in Salt Lake City, which is featuring a panel on digital history with our colleagues (and gracious comments by Richard White).  Either Brent or I will be liveblogging that panel, so be sure to tune in and check it out.

18 September 2008 · @jaheppler