Refocusing on Content

Leo Babauta:

What’s the most important thing a blogger can do to grow his blog and readership? Write great content. Not add links or widgets to the sidebar, not check stats, not reading or commenting other blogs, not even responding to comments or email. Writing great content. That’s by far the most important thing you can do.

That pretty much sums up the reasons behind the redesign of  If you’ve visited here in the last couple of weeks, you probably noticed the theme switching back and forth between concepts.  I’ve finally settled on this one: its minimal, distraction-free, and primarily text.  I’m here to generate great content that others can find useful or challenging or thought provoking.  I’ll make some tweaks here and there in a coming days, but I’m pretty happy with this look.

I’ve taken a lot of inspiration of Babauta’s sites Zen Habits and mnmlist.