The Digital Humanities Seminar

This semester I am enrolled in a reading seminar on digital humanities with Professor William Thomas. The course is shaping up to be quite exciting: in addition to getting a better grasp on a wider range of digital humanities issues through our readings, we’re also building an iOS application in our first month. We will also be having visits with leaders in the field, including Robert Nelson at the University of Richmond, Stefan Sinclair at McGill University, and Lisa Spiro at NITLE Labs.

We’ll be writing up weekly discussions of our readings, and I will likely be posting those here. I’m making this post largely because I want a placeholder so as to link to all the posts in one spot.

If you’re interested in following along, you can find us on Twitter with the hashtag #UNL_DHS. My colleague, Brian Sarnacki, will also be blogging regularly about the course, as will Professor Thomas.

Weekly Writings

  1. Organizing Knowledge
  2. The Media of Digital Humanities
  3. Electronic Text and the Digital Humanities
  4. Information and Data in the Digital Age
  5. Spatial Humanities and Visual Narratives
  6. SpecLab and Digital Aesthetics
  7. Models for Narrative in Digital Humanities
  8. Latour and the Social
  9. Peer Reviewing Writing History in the Digital Age
  10. The Architecture of Humanities Cyberspace
  11. What My lolcat Ate For Breakfast
  12. Who Controls the Master Switch
  13. Alone Together

29 August 2011 · @jaheppler