One Giant Leap

Kyle Baxter reflects on the passing of Neil Armstrong:

And that is what we must do. Let’s lay awake at night, dreaming up great things, things that could only be dreams now, and let’s build them. It need not be related to space; it could be related to an important advancement with renewable energy, or even with something as comparably small as re-creating education for this new century. But it must be something truly new, groundbreaking and meaningful, something that leaves you with the sheer joy of childhood excitement. Something that will make us better as a people. Let’s dream it, and let’s build it.

I hope one of those things will be a mission to Mars. I hope to see it one day, but let’s make it one of many great projects. Let’s add many more giant leaps to Neil’s.

This is an excellent piece reflecting on Neil Armstrong and the desire to do great things. I highly recommend checking it out.

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