On Podcasts

[This post originally appeared at Gradhacker on 2012-09-03]

I’m stealing a page from Profhacker and talking about digital distractions. One of my favorite distractions is podcasts. I love them. They’re part of my commute, they’re part of my leisure time, and they’re part of my work time. It’s rare to see me without headphones, catching up on my favorite shows. Using Downcast for iPhone has made it even easier for me to download the latest episodes of the podcasts I love.

Here are a few of my favorites:

(It should be pretty clear by now that I’m a big fan of 5by5 and the work Dan Benjamin is doing with it. 5by5 has, I believe, rightfully been called the “NPR for Geeks.”)

I have a variety of other podcasts that I more selectively catch: Amplified, Home Work, The Ihnatko Almanac, The Tech Guy, This Week in Google, In Beta, Buddhist Geeks, The Nickel, The IncomparableLatest in Paleo, Systematic, The Incomparable.

04 September 2012 · @jaheppler