Evernote Reminders

I’ve been taking another look at Evernote for organizing my non-research notes. I’ve been using a plaintext system for the last couple of years, using a combination of nvALT, Nebulous Notes for iOS, and Dropbox to keep everything in sync. But I’ve been impressed with Evernote’s latest redesigns, and their service seems to have gotten much better. Plus, if I ever get nervous about lock-in I can easily export Evernote notes as HTML and convert them to Markdown via Pandoc with ease.

One of the things that grabbed my attention was this post back in May that Evernote notes can now include reminders. Reminders will trigger iOS and Mac notifications when due. That could be quite handy. An alternative, plaintext based approach would be this nifty tool by Brett Terpstra called nvremind.

(Yes, I know, I said I wasn’t doing link posts anymore. But I do enjoy doing them, and might try them out again.)

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