The View from New York

This weekend I’ll be in New York for the American Historical Association’s annual meeting, where I’ll be on two panels regarding digital history. The first on January 3 is an experimental panel with several scholars on using digital history in teaching and learning:

Digital Pedagogy for History: Lightning Round
Using the “lightning round” method of spreading ideas in the digital humanities, this experimental panel features one-minute expositions on innovative projects and cool ideas in digital history for teaching and learning. Five or more panelists will be invited to register via Twitter at the meeting. Audience members will also be invited to join the lightning round.

The other on January 4 is a career-oriented roundtable with Jana Remy, Mills Kelly, Andrew Torget, and Katina Rogers about tenure, alternative academic careers, and graduate training:

Digital Scholarship, Academic Careers, and Tenure
The digital revolution is disrupting long-established systems within the academy for tenure, promotion, and careers, offering both new opportunities and remarkable challenges for the next generation of historians. The AHA, in response, recently charged a committee to draft guidelines for evaluating digital scholarship in T&P. This roundtable will provide a ground-level discussion of the role of digital scholarship in early-career scholars, as session panelists share how digital scholarship fit into their work on the tenure clock, offered them alternative academic careers based on their digital projects, and the nature of peer review after the digital turn. They will also discuss how the MLA’s publication of guidelines for evaluating digital scholarship could be applied to historians.

There are several digital panels at the AHA this year, many of which I’ll try to get to, as well as a THATCamp being held on January 6th. Should be a great weekend!

31 December 2014 · @jaheppler