Next week, June 1 and 2, I am a site host and project leader for Mozilla’s Global Sprint, a fast-paced, two-day event to hack and build projects for a healthy Internet. Our site will be at the Community Engagement Center on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and focusing on two projects.

Omaha Parks: Piggy-backing a bit on some of the issues raised during Endangered Data Week, I’m interested in open data and civic engagement. One of the areas I believe Omaha needs help is with its parks and open spaces. There’s no useful portal to discover the city’s parks, something we discovered as we tried to find parks appropriate for our daughter. Even the most basic of information was difficult to discover: are there playgrounds? Are the appropriate for specific age ranges? Are there infant swings? Is it accessible? Are there restrooms? There are a range of amenities that might be of interest to people who want to enjoy the parks, but they have no way to search or filter those parks that meet their needs and wants. So, we’re coming together for two days to jump-start this project. We’re welcoming ideas, so feel free to add to the discussion on the Issues tab.

Data Carpetry for the Humanities: I was intrigued by Micah Vandegrift’s suggestion that we start developing data carpentry for humanities data, an idea that quickly gained support on Twitter. The project is in the early stages of planning yet, but our site in Omaha will be available for anyone who would like to contribute at a physical space.

In Omaha? Register for the Sprint and stop on by. Or participate remotely by sharing ideas, text, data, or code with either of these projects. They’re in the open, so get on Github and help out!

23 May 2017 · @jaheppler