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In my last post I mentioned how I had no concrete plans to migrate my site to Hugo despite testing out the platform a bit.

Well, that was short lived. I blame Netlify.

Not Netlify per se, but my Jekyll setup on Netlify. The issue I ran into was the huge amount of time it would take Jekyll to regenerate my site on Netlfiy and redeploy it. It reached the point of unacceptable (including setting up a Slack hook to get notified when the deploy started and when the deploy ended – just so I knew everything had successfully run in the ten to fifteen minutes it was taking). This likely comes down to how I’m using gulp to help compress CSS and images. But Hugo, as many others have noted, is fast. And in this case, that speed is important to me.

So, here we are. I probably, again, broke a few things. And the site will continue to go through some changes over time, as usual.1 But so far, I’m liking the new setup.

  1. I’m using a design borrowed from Kieran Healy. [return]


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