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Today is day 44 since my family and I self-isolated at home. We have, for the most part, achieved some sort of normal in our household. Thankfully, our weather has been beautiful in the last week or so. We’ve taken the opportunity to eat meals in the backyard, work outside in the garden, or take walks around the neighborhood.

Through all of this, these small moments have been essential:

  • Taking walks around the neighborhood as a family in the evenings.
  • Clearing and simplifying my at-home workspace.
  • Coffee. Morning and afternoon.
  • Board games with the kids.
  • Daily exercise. The Peloton app and Fitbod have been essential for me.
  • Journaling in Day One.
  • Impromptu phone calls or FaceTime with friends and family.
  • Continuing with my Norwegian language lessons.

As part of this, I also battened down the informational hatches: I’m spending almost no time on Twitter except for some of the Twitter lists I follow. Apple News gets checked once a day, but is otherwise not on my home screens nor is it allowed to send me notifications. I didn’t do this early on, and the never-ending flow of news on COVID-19 was too much. I also think it’s worth seeking out media that give you joy. (Parks and Rec’s S4E11 “The Comeback Kid” is perfect television.)

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