Day of DH 2022

The day began fairly early, but is typically occupied with getting kids up, fed, and out the door to where they need to be.

A wrench in this morning: one of the dogs had to go to the vet at 8:15, and one of the kids had to stay home due to illness. So, make that a vet appointment and a doctor’s appointment.

At 8:15, a newsletter I wrote yesterday evening went out. If you’re not subscribed to Breve, I’d be delighted if you considered it.

Around 8:45 I was at my computer getting the day started in earnest.

At 9:30, I joined our weekly RRCHNM senior staff meeting to discuss a few agenda items. We have some cool stuff coming up soon.

Between the end of that meeting and lunch, a few things happened: I helped troubleshoot and deploy the updated website for DataScribe. I started digging into the Bills of Mortality project. This was also about the time I had my third cup of coffee.

Lunch, then back to the Bills of Mortality. I’m building the application in Vue, my first time using the framework, and a few things clicked today that I think, overall, will be good for the application’s development and sustainability. But it’s going to take some work.

Coffee number four.

More Vue work, some reading of documentation.

Back to work on an R script we use for the DataScribe-to-PostgreSQL workflow. The database powers our data API which we use for our data-driven projects around the Center. The R script is used to take the transcriptions completed in DataScribe, convert them into a tidy data format, and generate CSV files that then find their way into PostgreSQL.