I don’t know that documenting this will be of any use, but here it goes.

On May 14, I tested positive for COVID-19. My symptoms first started Wednesday night, following a long day of travel back from Virginia. I feel like I’ve been lucky: fully vaccinated and one booster means my symptoms have remained mild. Most of my symptoms have been just a low fever and chills and congestion. With just a normal dose of ibuprofen, I feel mostly like myself. But I haven’t had any of the symptoms that I think of as the typical COVID symptoms: no brain fog, no abnormal fatigue, no issues with taste or smell, and so forth. My Apple Watch reports a higher resting heart rate than I normally have, but that isn’t strange when your immune system is fighting something off.

I’m writing this on the day I tested positive, and hopefully I’ll start recovering from this before too long. And thankfully, so far no one else in my family has tested positive. Just as importantly, no one around CHNM seems to have gotten it from me either.

UPDATE: I finally tested negative after five days. The worst of my symptoms were major congesion (to the point where I couldn’t taste or smell very well, which I thought might’ve been a COVID symptom but ended up returning pretty quickly), a slight cough, a fever I managed to control with ibuprofen—but that I absolutely needed. For the entire duration from testing positive to five days following my negative test, per CDC recommendations, I wore an N-95 mask around the house.

UPDATE: My wife ended up testing positive, but her symptoms were even more mild than my own — if I hadn’t been sick, it’s doubtful she would’ve even tested herself.

UPDATE: As of June 24, I’ve so far seemed clear of any long-COVID or post-COVID symptoms. No brain fog or other health issues that have been noticable or detected. I consider myself very lucky for that, and am so very glad I’m vaccinated and boosted.