0 Tweets

Tonight I wrote a small Go script to delete all of my tweets. There isn’t much to say about this except that Twitter has always been an ephemeral presence for me — I’ve had a somewhat long-standing practice of deleting everything older than three years back (and of syncing tweets to a Google spreadsheet so I still have a copy of everything).

But the truth is what I write here on my website is the historical record.

Twitter served a great purpose for me at one point in my career – as a place to share my work, learn about others, and connect with a community. But I feel like that has become less of a sure thing anymore. As I wrote yesterday, Twitter – and most social media – doesn’t feed what I want to focus on: thinking, writing, making.

So, the tweets are at 0. Here’s how I did it:

package main

import (


func main() {
	// Set up the Twitter API
	api := anaconda.NewTwitterApiWithCredentials(
		"",      // Access Token
		"",      // Access Token Secret
		"",      // API Key
		"",      // API Secret

    // Continue to fetch the timeline and delete tweets until there are no more tweets to delete
	for {
		// Fetch the timeline
		timeline, err := api.GetUserTimeline(nil)
		if err != nil {

		// If there are no tweets to delete, then we are done
		if len(timeline) == 0 {

		// Delete all of the tweets
		for _, tweet := range timeline {
			// Delete the tweet
			_, err := api.DeleteTweet(tweet.Id, true)
			if err != nil {

			// Print the tweet that was deleted
			fmt.Println("Deleted tweet: " + strconv.FormatInt(tweet.Id, 10))