Updating My RSS

I’ve made a few changes to the RSS feeds around the site that I thought worth documenting, especially if you primarily read anything here via an RSS reader. There are now three feeds you can subscribe to depending on the content you want:

  • The full feed: This has everything, from posts to book logging to link posts. If you want the full garden hose, this is the one to subscribe to. This will likely always remain the primary feed even if I decide to discontinue separate feeds or move to a different blogging platform in the future, if you feel like future-proofing your RSS feeds.
  • The books feed: This is only updates to my reading log. I suspect few-to-none will subscribe to just the book log, but it’s there if you want it.
  • The blog feed: This has blog posts and link posts. If you don’t care about the book log, this is the feed for you.

And as always, there’s the micro.blog feed.

Adjust accordingly.