GeoJSON utilities that make things easier.


  • geojson-coords: Extract coordinates from GeoJSON
  • geojson-extent: Compute the bounding box of geojson features
  • geojson-flatten: Flatten multi geometries into normal geometries
  • geojson-js-utils: JavaScript helper functions for manipulating GeoJSON
  • geojson-merge: Merge multiple GeoJSON files into one FeatureCollection.
  • geojson-normalize: Normalize any GeoJSON object into a GeoJSON featurecollection.
  • geojson-pick: Remove all but specified properties from features in a GeoJSON featurecollection.
  • geojson-summary: get a plain-english summary of what’s in a GeoJSON file.
  • point-grouper: Group GeoJSON points into containing polygons.
  • geojson-join: Join GeoJSON against json, dbf, and csv files.
  • turf: A collection of Javascript functions for spatial operations and analysis


  • Web-based GeoJSON editor that supports many filetype.
  • mapstarter: Helps generate SVG, images, and code from GeoJSON.


  • geojsonhint: A linter for finding errors in your GeoJSON files.



  • csv2geojson: Convert CSV to GeoJSON.
  • geojson-mapnikify: Transform GeoJSON objects into Mapnik XML stylesheets.
  • geojson-vt: Slice GeoJSON into vector tiles on the fly in the browser.
  • geojson2dsv: Convert GeoJSON to CSV and TSV.
  • geojson2rtree: Generate a static rtree (using terraformer) from a set of GeoJSON features.
  • ogr2ogr: Convert anything spatial to anything spatial.
  • minjur: Converts OpenStreetMap data to GeoJSON.
  • shp2json: Convert shapefile to GeoJSON.
  • togeojson: Convert GPX & KML to GeoJSON.
  • tokml: Convert GeoJSON to KML.
  • topojson: Convert GeoJSON to and from TopoJSON; join data from CSV.
  • vt-geojson: Extract GeoJSON from Mapbox vector tiles.
  • wellknown: Convert WKT to GeoJSON.
  • osmtogeojson: Convert OpenStreetMap data to GeoJSON.
  • esri2open: Convert proprietary Esri formats to GeoJSON.
  • gtfs2geojson: Convert GTFS transit data to GeoJSON.
  • geoxform: Convert any size stream of GeoJSON into CSV, shapefile, or KML.



Based off Tom MacWright’s awesome geojson.