There are no textbooks required for this course, but you will need to sign up for a year’s hosting with Reclaim Hosting. Follow the link and sign up for a student plan. We will go over this on the first day of class.

Note that throughout the class you’ll be creating a number of small projects on the environmental history of America. Each of these projects will demonstrate a specific skill you learned in class. At the end of the class, you’ll combine these into a portfolio of material and present this portfolio at an electronic poster session at Criss Library. All assignments or blog posts given on Thursday are due before the start of class on Tuesday.

Blogging (25%): For each assignment, you will write a well-argued blog post of around five hundred words using full sentences, paragraphs, and topic sentences on a given prompt. Do not simply enumerate the answers. These are graded in the following way:

Points Category Description
4 ✓+ Meets all guidelines, and includes specific examples.
2-3 Meets all guidelines, but lacks specificity.
1 ✓- Completes assignment but content is lacking or incomplete; or does not complete all guidelines.
0 n/a Incomplete or missing assignment; inaccurate or inappropriate material.

Skills assignments (9 @ 5% each = 45%): You will be creating nine small digital history projects over the course of the semester. You will be selecting a single topic to study and, to the extent that the sources are available, you will focus your assignments on that topic. Except for the Omeka assignment, you will embed these in a page on your website. Due dates and further instructions are listed in the schedule. The assignments break down by: 1. metadata in Omeka; 2. exhibits and storytelling in Omeka; 3. database of records; 4. georeferencing a historical map; 5. mapping data; 6. text mining data; 7. visualizing data; 8. storytelling and narrative; 9. creating a portfolio of your assignments for the course.

In class participation (30%): You are expected to attend each class meeting and actively participate. Bring a laptop and power cord so you can follow along with in class instruction and work on assignments. Bring a copy of any other readings on any day for which they are assigned.