Apple Pledges to Be Carbon Neutral by 2030

Sarah E. Needleman in the Wall Street Journal:

Apple Inc. is pledging to become carbon neutral across its business, including its mostly overseas supply chain, within the next 10 years, the latest corporate giant planning to shift its operations to battle climate change.

The iPhone maker said Tuesday that the new commitment means that by 2030, every Apple device sold will have been produced with no net release of carbon into the atmosphere. The company plans to reduce its emissions by 75% and develop carbon-removal solutions for the remaining 25% of its footprint.

Apple said its global corporate operations are already carbon neutral and that all of its iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch devices released in the past year are made with some recycled content.

This move doesn’t directly address the right to repair, though in part feels like an attempt to fight off right to repair legislation. But to Apple’s credit, this extends on their commitments in 2017 to make their supply chain a “closed loop.” Plus, Apple is pretty good about encouraging people to hold onto their devices even as it introduces new ones every year: the next version of iOS will run on five year old phones, and macOS Big Sur will run on seven year old Macs.

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