This is an alternative view of Elijah Meeks' War timeline built using his D3 timeline layout. Original data derived from Wikipedia.

Elijah's original timeline categorized conflicts by five categories: European, Native, Colonial, Latin America, and Internal. I was a little put off by some of these categorizations. For example, he mixed both areas of the world (Latin America) with types of conflicts (Internal). This also begs the question of defining these categories by theme. After all, one could argue that many of the Latin American conflicts were colonial in nature.

I'm not suggesting my view is better than Elijah's; his timeline is making a particular point, and I think makes that point well. The point of his visualiation remains: the United States fights wars, and lots of them. But this view tries to revlea the regions of the world the U.S. fought those conflicts. I also extended Elijah's original dataset, including covert operations run by the United States during the Cold War. The timeline above seeks to provide another view, by looking at the regions of the world where these conflicts were fought as a way to see where the United States engaged over time.

Times of Peace in the United States

Jason Heppler