Digital & public history

I’ve been designing, developing, and teaching digital and public history for ten years. Most of my work sits at the intersection of digital history, data science, and design. Below are a select few. Find lots more on GitHub and Observable. For a complete list of my scholarship, please see my full CV.


DataScribe A structured data transcription module for the Omeka S.

Apiary Data API

Apiary A data API for data-driven research at RRCHNM.

Religious Ecologies

Religious Ecologies Creating new datasets and visualizations so that we can better understand the history of American religion.

Mapping the University

Mapping the University Examining Virginia campus histories of slavery, exclusion, segregation, and bias left on the physical structures of the campus.

Death by Numbers

Death by Numbers Transcribing and publishing the London Bills of Mortality in a dataset suitable for computational analysis.

Pandemic Religion

Pandemic Religion Documenting American religion in a time of pandemic.

Collecting These Times

Collecting These Times Documenting how American Jews are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Connecting the Interstates

Connecting the Interstates Visualizing and critically examining the development of the U.S. interstate highway system.

Mapping Identity in Greece and Magna Graecia

Mapping Identity in Greece and Magna Graecia Mapping the occurrences of Hephaistion in areas and cities with linguistic Attic-Ionic foundation.

a thousand little fires

a thousand little fires Share what we create while reconciling with self-isolation.

Nebraska Historical

Nebraska Historical Curating histories of Nebraska and the Northern Plains.

Western Federal Lands

U.S. Federal Lands Mapping the federal lands of the U.S.

Omaha Zoning

Omaha Zoning Visualizing single-family and multifamily zoning.

Omaha Lot Bot

Every Lot Omaha Every property parcel in Omaha, one tweet at a time.


#deletefacebook Scraping Twitter to explore trends in #deletefacebook.

Endangered Data Week

Endangered Data Week Raising awareness about threats to public data.

Mobile Community Archives

Mobile Community Archives Partnering with community archives throughout the Great Plains.

American Indian Digital History Project

American Indian Digital History Project Digitizing Indigenous newspapers, photographs, and archival materials across Native North America.

Mapping Omaha Bikes

Mapping Omaha Bikes The most dangerous areas in Omaha for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Western Federal Lands

Western Federal Lands Visualizing the federal government's holdings of Western land.

Prussian Foodstuffs

Prussian Foodstuffs Exploring changes in taste among food items at the palace in Königsberg, Prussia during the reign of Friedrich Wilhelm. Collaboration with Molly Taylor-Poleskey.

Marriage of Thames and Rhine

Marriage of Thames and Rhine An interactive narrative of the journey of the court of Prince-Elector Friedrich Wilhelm. Collaboration with Molly Taylor-Poleskey.

Machines in the Valley: Growth, Conflict, and Environmental Politics in Silicon Valley

Machines in the Valley: Growth, Conflict, and Environmental Politics in Silicon Valley A spatial history and digital narrative of Silicon Valley.

Chinese computing

Chinese computing Visualizing 21st century Chinese writing. Collaboration with Tom Mullaney.

The First Draft

The First Draft Discussions about higher education, digital humanities, technology, games, and learning. Hosted by Elijah Meeks, Jason Heppler & Paul Zenke.

Wars of the United States

Wars of the United States Visualizing the wars of the United States.

Geography of the Post

Geography of the Post Visualizing the spread of 14,000 post offices in the nineteenth-century American West. Collaboration with Cameron Blevins.

William F. Cody Archive

William F. Cody Archive Digitizing the papers of William F. Cody.

What is Digital Humanities?

What is Digital Humanities? Perpetual answers to the perpetual question.